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Best kids table and chairs 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated September 1, 2023

Willard LawsonHi there, I’m Willard Lawson. After considering 35 of the most highly rated kids table and chairs and testing eight of them for more than 25 hours, we’re find the best kids table and chairs of 2018.

I will go through the main features and what you should consider when deciding which one to pick over the other. So, you will find reviews on some models of kids table and chairs that impressed me (and a good many other people), and you will find a few informational pages as well.

Best kids table and chairs of 2018

I am going to specify each good-to-buy feature as much as possible for your references. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your comfort, style, or accessibility, we have picks to fit a variety of needs and budgets. Here are the customer reviews of some of the best kids table and chairs of 2018. I have taken the initiative to educate you on the top three best kids table and chairs that you can buy this year.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
Awards 1
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How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the kids table and chairs by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



№1 – Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Table and 2 Chairs Set – Light Finish Furniture for Playroom

Melissa & Doug Solid Wood Table and 2 Chairs Set - Light Finish Furniture for Playroom

3-piece set (table and 2 chairs) gives children a kid-sized space for creativity
Chair seat height: 11″
Sturdy, solid wood construction
Absolutely no frills

Why did this kids table and chairs win the first place?

I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack.
















№2 – Table Mate 4 Kids Plastic Folding Table and Chair Set

Table Mate 4 Kids Plastic Folding Table and Chair Set

Awesome play station – bright, cheerful, and fun – folds up completely and tucks away neatly
For kids up to 70 lbs – comes with table, chair, and handy carrying bag
Table adjusts to 3 heights and 2 angles for virtually any child’s activity
A little pricier than some of the other.
Heavy in weight as compared to others in our lineup.

Why did this kids table and chairs come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. I really liked it. It is amazing in every aspect. It did even exceed my expectations for a bit, considering the affordable price. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture.
















№3 – Tot Tutors Kids Plastic Table and 4 Chairs Set

Tot Tutors Kids Plastic Table and 4 Chairs Set

Child-sized table and chair set from Tot Tutors; includes square table and 4 chairs
Table crafted in easy-to-clean yellow plastic; plastic chairs in 4 different bright fun colors
Great for children ages 3 and up with 10-inch seat height; for child’s room or playhouse use
It’s a lot heavier than expected.
Not enough for all services.

Why did this kids table and chairs take third place?

I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. The material is incredibly nice to the touch. It has a great color, which will suit any wallpapers. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.
















kids table and chairs Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy kids table and chairs, right? No!

The lowdown on highchairs

Highchairs come in a wide variety of styles and prices. Choose one that’s sturdy and easy to clean; it needs to be durable enough to withstand several years of daily use. Your child may use a highchair until age or 3.

Basic highchairs will do the job, but some high-end models hold up better to wear and tear, and can be more useful in the long run.

See which highchairs parents like best in BabyCenter’s Moms’ Picks awards, or browse dozens of highchairs.

Basic metal- or plastic-frame highchairs

These models are fairly simple. Some are just molded plastic with harnesses; others have a bit of padding on the seat. Some have trays, others don’t. Pros: They’re usually inexpensive and lightweight. Some fold, making them easy to move and store. Cons: They typically offer less comfort for a baby than other kinds, can have tough-to-clean nooks.

Full-feature highchairs

These have all the features of basic models plus extras like well-padded seats, wheels, detachable trays, dishwasher-safe tray covers, and adjustable height and seat recline. Some models grow with your child, converting to a booster seat or or kid-sized chair.

Wooden highchairs

Wooden highchairs can be very appealing but may have drawbacks. Often the seat is too deep and the footrest too low for an infant. And wooden trays are heavier and harder to clean than plastic. Still, they may have fewer crevices that can trap crumbs and spills, and some models convert to regular chairs as your child grows.

Dickson Wong

Arguably the most crucial piece of furniture (especially during the holiday season) is the dining table. Whether it’s anchored front and center in an open kitchen or positioned in the middle of a formal dining room, the dining table is a gathering spot and a focal point. But beyond being a standout furniture piece, the dining table needs to be sturdy as a rock, comfortably accommodating and, in some instances, even flexible in shape and size.

That said, here are the essentials you need to know when shopping for a new dining table.

Consider the material. If you’re going for a wood dining table, always opt for hardwood such as mahogany, walnut, maple, oak, or teak instead of composite wood, which include plywood, hardwood solids and MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). And while engineered woods such as MDF — which is a mixture of hard and soft wood bits that have been compressed into board form — are durable, they’re not as strong and sturdy as hardwood. And while MDF, may be stable enough for the short term, hardwood is far more longer lasting. One key fact to keep in mind is that tables with removable legs often tend be made of fiberboards, a material made of pressed wood scraps. It’s not a good option for the long-run, but if you’ll use the table only occasionally (or if you move frequently) then it can make sense to go with fiberboard. For those of you looking for something beyond traditional hardwood, we like the look of galvanized metal, grainy marble, or molded plastic.

Steer clear of thick veneer. A quick tip for wood table buyers: don’t go for thick veneer because it tends to lift away from the piece over time. How do you know that the veneer is thick? It’ll feel plastic-y to the touch and have obvious “seams” where it connects at corners.

Measure the room. It’s important to have the exact measurements of the room for your dining table. This is especially crucial with smaller dining rooms, as many people buy tables that are too big for the space. For example, a rectangular table in a small rectangular room can easily fill up the space and make it look cramped instead of cozy. Remember that you have to be able to walk around the table after chairs have been put into place so it’s good to keep about a 50″ space between the edges of the table and the walls all around.

Decide on your table’s shape. While the style of your dining table — whether it’s farmhouse-style or it has a pedestal base — is purely your call, there are some general rules when it comes to a dining table’s shape and the room it’s best suited for. For smaller rooms, go with an oval table to keep the space from looking overly crowded. Square tables work in narrow dining areas but rectangular pieces, which take up the most room, require a long and narrow space. Round tables can accommodate the most people (and tablecloths look best on them) but they’re not for small spaces as it limits the way traffic can flow around the room.

Check the table’s dimensions. Most dining tables are consistent with the standard height range of 28″-30″ tall. The most comfortable dining tables leave enough room above the knee and are at about the same level as your elbows when you’re sitting down. As for width, oval, rectangular and square tables are usually a standard 36″-wide with varying lengths depending on the number of people you’re looking to accommodate. To give an idea, a 84″-long oval table can accommodate up to people.

Use leaves to maximize space. If you have limited space but need a table that can entertain bigger parties, a good solution is to look for a a table with leaves, which can fold and expand as needed.

Consider outdoor materials. When furnishing an outdoor terrace or patio with a dining table, you’ll need to use weather-resistant materials, naturally. The most common are natural teak, which develops a beautiful patina over time from weathering and sun exposure, and powder-coated steel, which is impervious to rain and rust. Also, natural teak and powder-coated steel will be advertised in the product description so make sure to read those — there are lots of imitators. Added bonus for teak: it doesn’t warp or require tons of sealing.

Wood Furniture

Lovers of natural materials will gravitate towards wood furniture. For premium wood material, center-cut hardwood lumber with consistent grain is the best way to go—especially if the screws are stainless-steel or zinc-plated or stainless-steel screws. That way, you can maintain your wood furniture yourself by being able to tighten the screws if they ever get loose.

Metal Patio Furniture

Many people love the sturdy quality of metal, and it has been one of the top selling outdoor living material for years. This material—often in the form of aluminum or wrought iron—is well known to provide comfort, versatility, and durability.

Ornate Iron Furniture

From the Victorian Era comes the elegant curvy designs of wrought-iron furniture. If you live in windy conditions, you will like this heavyweight structure. The cost of this elegant furniture will all depend on the complexity of the ironwork design.

Cast Aluminum Furniture

If you want something  less flimsy than extruded aluminum and lighter in weight than wrought iron, then try cast aluminum.

You have the benefit of more sophisticated metalwork, and you also enjoy the same benefit of powder-coated finishing that you get with extruded aluminum. Unlike extruded aluminum, cast aluminum costs a little more.

Wicker Patio Furniture

There are two types of wicker styles: traditional and all-weather. They may look alike, but the maintenance is very different. If you choose traditional wicker, it is best placed in covered locations. Always clean it with a damp cloth, vacuum, or soft brush.

You can use a water hose to clean off all-weather wicker because it is more durable and can withstand the elements. Read our guide on reviving old wicker furniture here.

Traditional Wicker Furniture

Bamboo, rattan vine, or cane can  be used to make traditional wicker. This material is best used in covered locations outdoors.

Take care to let the material completely dry before sitting on it to prevent stretching. When the piece starts to age, just apply a new coat of paint.

All-Weather Wicker Furniture

Synthetic materials or twisted paper is used to make all-weather wicker (also known as outdoor wicker). To make the material weather-resistant, the manufacturer uses a special finish, but vendors will still warn against exposing the furniture to too much sun.

Things to keep in mind

Decide on color. Would your outdoor paradise look better in black or white? Once the type of patio furniture is decided, its time to choose the color.

Research which stores carry patio furniture sets. Look in your local newspaper, or explore online.

Begin window shopping. Take the list of stores which have outdoor, home and garden patio furniture available and hit the streets.


Hardy wooden farmhouse dining tables are typically made of wood, and feature a rough-hewn top (often unfinished or distressed) resting on turned wood or X-base legs. The workhorse of dining tables is best suited for more casual spaces, and is an easy fit with shabby-chic, industrial, or cottage-style decor.


PARENTS SAY PY Chua, a mother of two, says the locks kept her baby from opening the kitchen drawer. But when she removed it, the lining of her cabinet also came off.


WHAT Keep peewee’s pesky hands and teeth off trailing wires by slipping them under this tube covering which has a slit in the middle for convenience. The pack includes five cable ties to secure the cables. Group several cables within the tube to the unsightly wires.

FROM Mothercare

WHAT You can fit these safety gates in your doorway to the toilet by using suitable extensions, available in 7cm extensions that are sold separately. Simply refer to the pressure indicator on the gates to check if you’ve installed the gates correctly. Plus, if you or your spouse often forget to shut the doors behind you, you’ll adore the auto-closing feature.

FROM Babies R Us

WHAT If you’re worried that your tot will roll off his bed, keep him safe with this bed guard. Easy to install, you’ll only need to slip the metal arms under the mattress. Simply fold it down when you need to tend to your mini-me at night.

Pull Quote

To visualize how a bigger piece of furniture will look in your room, take the time to block out the length and width on the floor (such as with painter’s tape), and also the height of the table. “In addition to the footprint of the table, you’ll want feet of breathing room on all sides—and more is better!—to comfortably sit in a chair and move around the space,” said Harris. So whether your dining area is part of a multiuse space (such as a great room that you’re dividing into living and dining areas) or you have a separate dining room, start by measuring the length and width of the space you can dedicate to the dining table. Then subtract about feet from those two measurements to get a target dining table length and width.


The base—usually legs, a pedestal, or a trestle—can have an effect on how many people you can fit at the table. “You just want to be sure the leg space isn’t being invaded by the supports,” said Hirschhaut. When you see a table in person, sit at it to see if your legs hit the table’s legs; also verify if you have enough space for your knees when you scoot in all the way, and if you can cross your legs underneath the table. The apron—the frame that holds the tabletop up—can cut down on your room to maneuver.


Pull Quote “If it’s good wood, in years you can strip it and you’ll still have something to work with.” —Christophe Pourny “There’s been a move away from dark stains and back toward very natural materials and wood species that people recognize,” said Dyer. Predistressed pieces with rustic finishes can wear a bit better under abuse from little kids.

Stone and stone-look

Metal, including stainless steel, brass, zinc, and lacquered or painted versions of those, sees use more frequently for table bases than for tabletops. “Metal is durable and not easily damaged,” Hirschhaut told us. But because it’s higher shine, it shows every fingerprint and can require special cleaning tools, making it a higher-maintenance option. And Harris has found that painted metals can be hard to repair: “If you nick a high-gloss or lacquered table, it’s hard to touch it up. I’ve had to try to match nail polish to finishes to try to repair them.” Tables using metal can be less expensive than wood tables, though finding an all-metal dining table beyond utility tables is rare.


A good dining table is sturdy and well-made, with a finish that withstands heavy use while suffering little obvious wear. “The material is a major part of good construction, but a table is only as good as the joinery,” said Dyer. Joinery is the industry term for the places where the base and tabletop fit together—the more solid this fit is, the longer the table will last. “Wood is a great material because it holds a screw, as well as old-fashion joints like tongue and groove, dovetailing, mortise and tenon or pegged tenons,” Dyer mentioned.

At a store, you can look underneath the floor sample: Wood joined directly with wood is very strong, whereas too many attachments and hooks can weaken the construction. In general, the simpler, the better. “Look at the connection points where the legs meet the tabletops and at the corners—if the pieces are starting to separate, you see gaps at the corners, or it’s wobbly when you move it, it’s not well-constructed,” cautioned Harris. “A good table should have some heft to it, you don’t want the legs to be wobbly,” said Russell. And beware of really inexpensive tables: They could be held together with just staples and glue, which isn’t very sturdy.

How we picked

Timeless style: We looked for tables that most people could expect to still like a decade from now. Pourny told us that lighter woods with raw or natural finishes, as well as weathered materials done in cleaner lines, tended to stand the test of time.

High customer reviews: Because we couldn’t test the tables side by side—and we weren’t able to see some of them in person at all—we looked closely at customer reviews to glean what people who had purchased these tables liked and disliked, how well the tables might wear over time, and what the buying experience was like. We gave preference to tables that had a lot of customer reviews and an overall rating of four-plus stars out of five. We do recommend a few tables in this guide that didn’t have online customer reviews, but we looked at those in person.

Looks: We judged the tables for their overall appearance in comparison with how they looked online. Many seemed bigger and darker than they did online—something to consider if you’re decorating a smaller space.

Comfort: We sat at each available table in person to gauge its comfort. We wanted to make sure that crossing our legs underneath each table was easy. We found that the smaller the apron (the framing that connects the tabletop to the legs), the more clearance we had to cross our legs and to slide away from the table easily.

Signs of wear: We looked for nicks and scratches on the surfaces of the floor-model tables as an indication of how the tables would perform under serious use in the home. In general, almost all of the tables had some damage to their tabletops and to the bottoms of their legs (where a chair would typically hit the side of the table). We found few tables with no damage at all. We noticed more damage when retailers displayed other products on the tabletops and where there was more foot traffic (such as at West Elm).

Chico High Chair

Features easy snaps that make removing the tray painless and straightforward. Plus, it has several different height adjustments so that you can use it all the way up to three.

Great chair, although you can probably choose a slightly less expensive one on this list and get almost the same features.


Now, the time to care for your newborn has come. As a parent, you already know how precious a child can be. You simply want what is best for them all of the time – even as they grow older. No matter how much you do, you always feel like there’s something more you can do to make your baby happier and more comfortable. Unfortunately, at a very young age, there are not much that you can do for your baby. Except for being a parent and doing all you can to ensure they are comfortable, well fed and healthy.

Babies, whether newborn or already growing older, need special care in order to ensure they grow up properly without any development or health issues. One of the major concerns regarding a baby’s health is the amount of time they sleep. While sleep is very important for adults, it is even more important for babies. Thus, as a parent, you should always ensure your baby gets enough sleep. Comfort can often be the key to ensuring your baby gets enough sleep in order to develop normally – both physically and mentally. Thus, buying the best bed or object that your baby can sleep in becomes an essential part of your new shopping list.

While a crib is excellent for keeping your baby safe and sound during night, you cannot easily move the crib around the house as you wish. At the same time, a baby chair, which can be moved easily, usually contains a hard material that is not comfortable at all – unless you are willing to dig deep into your wallet for a more comfortable choice. For parents who are facing this problem, we would like to introduce you to baby bean bag chairs.

Spence & Lyda

AFFORDABLE PIECES: “You can get sofas from IKEA with really good lines. They’re perfect if you have little kids or are still getting to your forever house” Lisa Koehler, Inside Out panel stylist.


Train toys and tables have always been popular with children and now they became a hit again! They’re just so popular and entertaining that you even have adults and collectors obsessing themselves over train tables for years.

Due to their complexity and a wide range of parts and accessories, train sets and tables can be compared to Lego toys, kids at least sure do love them equally. This industry is so diverse that we have parts and sets which cost under a hundred dollars while some are rare and valued by collectors for hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Shaker Kitchen Chairs

Shaker style is typically very simple. When adding a Contemporary two-tone, two-wood finish, however, our classic Shaker Aragon Fan Back Chair is both chic and simple. The broad top rail in this chair is Elm in Burnished Honey stain leading down to the fan back. Slats of the back and all darker pieces of this chair are Brown Maple. The steam bent slats are curved for superior lumbar support.When buying chairs, note if the description indicates period correct construction or lumbar support. Period correct pieces will have a straight back. The trademark detail of Shaker style is the splayed or saber leg. This curving identifier, juxtaposed against a straight apron, catches the eye and assists in ecclectic design. When table and chair legs complement each other, you have a winning combination.

Classic Side and Arm Chairs

At Countryside, we use our Classic Dining Chair category quite broadly. Traditional, Early American, and even some Old World dining chairs land here. Our Amesburg Upholstered Chair is an excellent example. This piece is fully upholstered in black leather. The wooden frame is Brown Maple and the stile ends in a saber leg. The distinctive characteristic of many of our Classic dining chairs is the turned leg. Using a lathe, these beautiful works of art are handmade with the precision and artistry for which our Amish craftsmen are known. Dimensions of an arm chair typically account for the distance from the outer edges of each arm. Sitting space will typically be what is measured for the side chair.

Contemporary Kitchen Chairs

Another example of modern Shaker style is our Waterbury Dining Chair . Shown in two-tone and two woods, this chair is an excellent example of our Contemporary Dining Chairs. A little more petite with fewer parts to connect, our Contemporary chairs are typically quite simple and elegant. The back features a waving detail that makes it truly Contemporary. This chair pairs nicely with Shaker or modern style dining tables.

French Country Chairs

French Country Style embodies both the simple pastoral French influence and the over the top Louis Phillipe style of furniture. Here our Westminster Dining Chair features a French Country take on a ladder back chair employing the cresting rail common to Queen Anne dining chairs. Cabriole legs and a scrolling apron add to the charm of this solid wood chair which also features a base stretcher. Pictured here is a rush seat which is a woven grass seat that is making a come back. Not every chair has a rush seat available, but the life expectancy of this type of seat is roughly 20-30 years. Our solid wood chairs, however, are built to become heirlooms and should last for several lifetimes.

Arts and Crafts Dining Chairs

Arts and Crafts or Craftsman style furniture is as varied as any style. Here at Countryside, it is closely related to Mission, Shaker, and Contemporary styles with simple lines and clean presentation. The fundamental difference is the common use of geometric cut outs, Quartersawn White Oak, and extremely structured design. Our Eastwood Arts and Crafts Dining Chair perfectly embodies a pure example of this style.

The next section of chairs will be discussed in terms of structural elements.

Windsor Chairs

Windsor Chairs are a very specific type of bow back chair. Our Philadelphia Windsor Dining Chair is period perfect and demonstrates the steam bent midrail that continues through the arm. Colonial era furnishings frequently use this element. Spindles in the bow back and turned legs in the base further the Early American theme. Arrow feet that nearly come to a point complete this solid wood replication.

Sheaf Back Kitchen Chairs

Press Back Chairs are typically Traditional, Early American chairs that feature a pressed image on the top rail. Pictured above is a wheat press back. This image is actually a pressing from a steel plate and not a carving, hence the name.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the kids table and chairs by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your kids table and chairs wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of kids table and chairs



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about kids table and chairs is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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