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Best nap mats 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated September 1, 2023

Willard LawsonHi there, I’m Willard Lawson. After considering 53 of the most highly rated nap mats and testing eight of them for more than 13 hours, we’re find the best nap mats of 2018.

My main objective is to write article on these subject so that buyers like you can have the best assistance and education in making that next purchase. You see I’m an average member of the public just like you and the main reason I decided to publish a review website on nap mats is because I was looking for one not so long ago.

Best nap mats of 2018

If you’re reading this, it is very likely that you’re scouting for the best nap mats. Before you spend your money on nap mats, start by familiarizing yourself with the various types. You can make a choice based on the my list as you shop. Here we have compiled a detailed list of some of the best nap mats of the 2018.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
Awards 1
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How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the nap mats by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



№1 – Personalized Toddler & Preschool Nap Mats – Princess and Unicorn

Personalized Toddler & Preschool Nap Mats - Princess and Unicorn

***PLEASE READ*** Your order will automatically be processed with the name of your choice.
Materials: Soft, fuzzy blanket lined with Velboa
Rolls up easily with carry handle. Front load machine washable.
Not found yet.

Why did this nap mats win the first place?

I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I was completely satisfied with the price. Its counterparts in this price range are way worse.
















№2 – Nickelodeon Shimmer and Shine Toddler Girls Nap Mat

Nickelodeon Shimmer and Shine Toddler Girls Nap Mat

Shimmer and Shine Nick Jr. cartoon characters
Mat size 21″W x 46″L ; Blanket 30″W x 33″L
Carry strap with Velcro closures
Limited official sellers leave room for fakes.
A little on the heavy side.

Why did this nap mats come in second place?

Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made.
















№3 – Henry and Bros. Large Double Layer Toddler Blanket

Henry and Bros. Large Double Layer Toddler Blanket

100% Cotton
COZY KIDS BLANKET, EXTRA LARGE WOVEN TODDLER BLANKET, DOUBLED LAYERED FOR WARMTH, INCREDIBLY SOFT WITH FINE THREAD AND PREMIUM QUALITY – Stitched by hand, supremely soft and wonderfully designed, this blanket throws for kids adds cozy style to your child’s sleep space. This kid blanket is woven of cotton percale, it’s noticeably denser than other cotton fabrics and wears well over time, tailored, relaxed and timelessly styled.
May be a little heavy for some people.
Not as good as some others we reviewed.

Why did this nap mats take third place?

A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.
















nap mats Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy nap mats, right? No!

Tips for Transitioning Your Kiddo to a Nap Mat

It’s going to take some training to get your child to get used to sleeping on their nap mat.

After all, they are so used to using their crib or toddler bed (complete with a mattress and bed rail), that the mat may come to a shock to them.  So, consider five tips that will help them with this transition.

Use your own bedding.

First, it’s important to keep in mind that any kind of transition can take some time.

Get a duplicate sheet, pillow, and pillowcase and decorate the nap mat with it.

Implement the mat at home.

Let them sit on it while watching television, or let them actually nap on it for their afternoon slumber.

Let them pick it out.

Show your child some nap mat options. Get them excited about shopping for one in stores or online and tell them they can choose one of three you point out.

Have a play date.

Invite a friend over (who already sleeps on a nap mat) and let them be your child’s guide.

Kids are more likely to accept new things when they observe their peers around them doing the same thing.

Make it fun.

Here are some ideas: give your child their favorite stuffed animal while on the mat; sit with them and rest awhile with them; or read a favorite story on the mat, or even share a snack on the mat.

Important Features to Look For

Ease to clean. From time to time, accidents do happen. So, it’s important that your mat is easy to wipe down and keep clean (and won’t be subject to staining).

When You Know It’s Time To End the Naps

Most toddlers stop their afternoon nap around three years of age. But, some stop napping a little sooner, and others a little later.

The prime napping years on a mat are between the age of one and two.

Refusal to nap. Many toddlers will tell you if they are tired or not. Some break into extreme tantrums around nap time because they have a hard time expressing they don’t need the sleep. Many parents mistake this for them being tired, but it’s them actually try to convey their feelings about not needing one.

Acting non-fussy without one. If your toddler skips a nap, and they remain active and in good spirits the rest of the day, there’s a good chance they aren’t in need of a nap anymore.

Waking up super early. It’s possible that your child is getting too much sleep during the day, so they need less sleep overnight. If they are waking much earlier than usually, consistently, try skipping their nap.

Wrapping Up

Toddler nap mats are great items that help your child rest in peace and comfort when they are away from their home.

Peerless Plastics KM100 Rest Mat

If you love the idea of owning a nap mat but aren’t thrilled by the idea of having to squander and fortune and exhaust your funds, then this mat is a real bang for the dollar. It offers unmatched quality at an affordable price. The four-section folding design helps you to save space in your house. Of course, space is scarce in most homes these days.

The soft fabric used in its construction ensures that your child sleeps like a king while the fact that it’s waterproof ensures that you don’t have to worry about them peeing on it. This is a real saviour in a world where nap mats are going at very high prices.

Wildkin Aqua Nap Mat

Wildkin which is made using equal proportions of polyester and cotton makes its way to the 3rd position marking the beginning of the top three items. Imported, Wildkin allows your child to fly off to the dreamland in style ensuring that they enjoy every minute they lay down to rest. Ideal for homes and schools, the roll us design offers easy storage and saves on space.

Given its versatile design, this mat is familiar with daycares, preschools and homes.What’s more, this mat is rigorously tested and sufficiently proven to deliver top-tier comfort. All its parts are lead-free, BPA-fee and phthalate-free. And yes, it conforms to all CPSIA regulations which stipulate the guidelines on what is safe for use and what isn’t. And yes, it also conforms to flammability regulations.

The cotton and polyester exterior which makes use of the two components in appropriate proportions ensures that your child sleeps peacefully. The dimensions of 20 x 50 inches make it ideal for indoor use since it saves on space.


Of course, when talking about sleep, the quality comes before the quantity. In short, what counts isn’t the number of hours your child sleeps; it’s the quality of the sleep. To ensure that your child gets top quality sleep, get them something comfortable.


These are important features which determine whether a given mat is reliable or not.

The size is also another feature which is overlooked by most buyers. Of course, you should ensure that you have the right size for your child. And yes, given the fact that your child is going each day, it’s advisable that you get a size which is a bit large than their current size.

However, don’t get an extra-large nap mat just because you want your kid to use it for long; get a convenient size.

The cost should also be considered if at all you want to have something nice. As always, the price has to be considerable and reasonable. The best ones aren’t the cheapest or the most expensive; the best nap mats are those whose price is convenient.

Many nap mats contain flame retardants banned from children’s sleepwear 30 years ago for being known carcinogens.  I don’t care where you get your nap mats, as long as you don’t buy one that might harm your child.

Nap mat size

Parents naturally gravitate to bigger nap mats, and with good reason.  Nap mats are not prohibitively expensive, but often for a few dollars more you can get a nap mat several inches wider and longer.  But how many more years of service will get out of say, six extra inches of length?  The chart below shows the average boy will outgrow a 46″ nap mat by age  A 52″ nap mat will last the average boy two more years, till age 7.

How to choose a chair mat

An office worker moves his or her office chair more than 300 times in the average eight-hour workday. Chair mats are an ergonomic tool that reduces the likelihood of repetitve stress injuries and lowers fatigue. Chair mats also protect your rugs, carpets and flooring from damage caused by chair casters.

How we picked

Experts’ opinions on the benefits of standing to work have changed since the earliest versions of this guide (and our guide to height-adjustable sit/stand desks). It’s still true that sitting for prolonged periods can shorten your life, even if you are active at other times. But the health benefits of “interventions” such as working at a standing desk are still unproven. (That doesn’t mean they’re disproven, just that there isn’t enough evidence yet, from enough good studies or for a long enough period of time.) Most important for anyone who wants to stand while they work: The early hype suggesting that standing all day, or even for hours at a time, would be better than sitting has quieted.

The best advice, from Alan Hedge, professor of ergonomics at Cornell University, is the simplest: “Simply standing is insufficient. Movement is important to get blood circulation through the muscles.” Hedge’s recommended sit/stand/move cycle suggests that you should alternate between sitting and standing quite a bit, maybe up to 1times per day.

How we tested

We tested 1mats in 2016, eight new mats and six contenders from previous versions of this guide. In 201we looked for a more affordable option, testing seven of the top-rated or most interesting flat mats: the iPrimio Air Soft, Andersen’s 42Hog Heaven, the Kangaroo and Gorilla Grip mats by Hills Point Industries, and mats by Royal, Benicci, and Standing Logic. We also tested a handful of mats with raised features against the Topo in 2017: the CubeFit TerraMat and its smaller Lite version, the surprisingly well-reviewed Butterfly mat, and Topo’s own smaller Topo Mini.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

Most anti-fatigue mats are flat for good reasons, namely trip prevention, ease of storage, and the ability to accommodate different tasks at a workstation. If you prefer lots of room to pace, dance, or work at different stations around your desk, you’ll want to stick with a larger flat mat (such as the Imprint CumulusPro). The same holds true if you know, from lots of experience at your desk, that you have little desire to move your feet while working, or if you prefer a flat surface to move on.

Topo’s maker states in the product’s FAQ that the mat “provides an almost perfect performance up to user weights of 240 pounds.” Both the FAQ and an Ergodriven representative clarified that the Topo can still work for heavier people, especially if they have larger feet, but they may feel more sunk-in, especially on the flat parts of the mat. We attempted to test the mat by having the writer (about 190 pounds) shoulder first 50, then 100 pounds of rice while standing on the Topo, but it’s hard to get an impression of how your feet feel when you’re concentrating on not dropping weights. We would suggest that anyone significantly over that weight limit consider the return policy (30 days for full refund) or check out our top flat mat pick, the Cumulus Imprint Pro, which has no foam inside and no stated weight limit.

Pull Quote

The Topo isn’t for you if you’re just starting to stand while working and you aren’t sure you’ll keep it up.

Because it’s built specifically for standing while working at a stationary task (namely, typing and mousing with a computer), you’re unlikely to get use out of the Topo for other tasks done while standing, such as in a kitchen. The narrow form, and the potentially foot-catching sides, make the Topo a specific tool for one type of job.

A few testers who generally liked the Topo’s movement-inducing design thought the central “button” was too squishy. I never stood in such a way as to put an entire foot, or both feet, directly on the button for long. It seems to be meant more as an occasional foot stop, or a spot to press and stretch foot muscles, but it does have a different feel from the contoured, firmer edges.

Ergodriven, which crowdfunded the Topo’s launch, is relatively new to the ergonomic industry. The Topo has a no-questions-asked 30-day return policy, as well as a seven-year warranty. Still, no customer has owned a Topo mat for more than two years as of this writing, though one of this guide’s editors has used one for about that long. It seems to be a durable product; we will update this guide with long-term testing notes as we continue to use it.

More than three years of combined testing among writers, editors, and coworkers makes it easy to recommend the Imprint CumulusPro Commercial Couture Strata as a traditional flat mat for standing desk use. Nearly everyone who tried an older version of the Commercial mat in our first round of testing in 201liked its feel the best, and so did our 201and 201testers, who evaluated the Couture Strata version against the regular Commercial Grade, a half-dozen similarly priced models, and seven lower-priced mats. Like the regular Commercial Grade mat, the Couture Strata comes with a 10-year warranty and doesn’t off-gas toxic chemicals.

We prefer the look of the Couture Strata variant of the Imprint—its light texturing, especially in its gray version, makes it look a little nicer than the typical rubbery black look of most anti-fatigue mats, including the regular Commercial Grade. The standard Commercial Grade mat is sometimes a little cheaper than the Couture Strata and sometimes a bit pricier. If you don’t care if the mat has a pretty top surface, get whichever one is cheaper at the time—they feel the same.

Care and maintenance

Cleaning any of our mat picks is easy, because you need only water and a cloth towel to get rid of most spills and stains. You can use a paper towel, but cloth is better, as we found that paper tends to disintegrate and pill against the mats’ textures. Soap and water is fine for germ-laden spots. A Topo representative told us that Ergodriven tested household cleaners such as Lysol wipes and Windex spray, and neither harmed the mat, though using such cleaners is likely “overkill.” We recommend sticking with plain water and, if necessary, dish or hand soap.

If you use your mat with bare feet and believe that an odor has accumulated, you can also hose the mat down in your backyard or in your sink. If your mat has developed a significant tear or split, however, you might want to avoid that area (and contact the maker, if the mat is still under warranty).

The competition

We tested two other topographic mats side by side with the Topo in 201The CubeFit TerraMat offers different kinds of foot stretches and positions: a very firm back ledge that can be used for calf or foot stretches, two spheres that can work foot edges, and a front high ledge for raising your toes or standing astride the whole mat. It’s interesting and different, but its flat sections feel notably less supportive than the Topo’s. The Butterfly “Not Flat Mat” is surprisingly well-reviewed, coming from a nearly nonexistent company and, well, looking like a butterfly. Both the raised bumps and flat sections of the Butterfly mat make an uncomfortable crinkling sound, unpleasant for both the stander and anyone who can hear them within a few feet.

Both Topo and CubeFit offer smaller versions of their topographic mats, the Topo Mini and TerraMat Lite. We tested both, and found both to be too small for most people to change stance or stretch their feet. A Wirecutter editor under 5′6″ found the mats too restricting, and a taller editor found their miniature raised features not nearly as interesting as those of the full mats. If chair space under a desk is a concern, our budget pick provides a better solution.

We previously recommended the SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Mat as a more firm, less squishy alternative for those who like that feel. It’s heavier and harder to move around, and we could feel the individual cell walls move when shifting weight or standing barefoot. Though some people may prefer it—like one out of 1coworkers at our testing space in 2016—it’s not a pick for most people.

We tested eight mats in 2016, in addition to the we tested in 201and a few we tested in between. We sent the best mats from our 201tests to the coworking space for comparison and continued testing them alongside the new ones we evaluated. Most mats look similar to the Imprint CumulusPro Commercial, but didn’t receive the same high marks on feel and support from our testers. In this group were the Imprint CumulusPro Professional, the GelPro NewLife Eco-Pro (and its slightly less firm sibling, the GelPro NewLife Professional Grade), the StandDesk Anti-Fatigue Mat, the WellnessMats Original, and the Smart Step Supreme, which might stick to carpeted floors better but is otherwise notably squishier than its competition.

It’s worth noting that the Imprint CumulusPro Professional is not similar to our pick, the Imprint CumulusPro Commercial Couture Strata. Long-term testing of the Professional revealed inadequate support during long standing sessions, prominent edge curling, and an overall very different experience from the Commercial. The Professional costs roughly half as much as the Commercial model, and we’ve seen why.

The Varidesk ActiveMat aims for the same active-standing utility as the Topo, with raised and foam-soft edges for you to place and press your feet against. The edges are steeper than the Topo’s, and uniform in height and angle. Some of our testers preferred the ActiveMat over other flat mats, but the ActiveMat is harder to move around than the Topo and doesn’t provide as much novel “terrain” for wandering feet. It also feels squishier than the Topo, more like stepping onto a mattress than a material meant for standing.


Parents with young children will get the most out of their area rug by following these expert tips from Lisa Wagner, NIRC Certified Rug Specialist and International Rug Care Trainer.

Vacuum: Invest in a very good vacuum cleaner that is easy to handle. The more often you use it, the longer you can wait between washings of a natural fiber rug or steam cleanings of a synthetic fiber rug.

Clean Spots: Get to spills quickly so that you can stop the damage. Since rugs usually don’t come with care instructions, ask your local rug cleaner for the best way to tackle stains on your particular rug, based on the fiber type and rug construction.

Tackle Spills: For spills on rugs treated with a fiber protector, the best remedy is to blot up the spill, do a little bit of rinsing (while taking care to not get the area too wet) and then lay a folded cotton towel over and under the area with weight placed on it to help wick moisture out. Again, consult your local rug cleaner for tips specific to your rug type.

There are a couple of other storage considerations

DO place your rolled rug in an area that is climate controlled. You’ll want to avoid the excessive heat of an attic and the moisture of a basement or garage.

DON’T be tempted to stand your rolled rug for storage, as it may sag on its own weight and bend the end of the roll beyond recovery.

Ideas to Floor You

In an open-concept home, an area rug is the perfect way to designate an open space as a particular “room,” such as adding a rug under your table and chairs to create a dining room.

Photo: In these before and after photos of a room renovation, you can see the furniture and lighting choices made with a bright rug as the modern inspiration.


Photo: Rugs can be placed under all four legs of the bed or under just the back to legs in order to maximize the area of the floor covered by the rug.

Photo: When selecting the right size rug for under your dining room table, allow for enough room that chairs can be comfortably pulled back from the table and still remain on the rug.

Photo: Anchoring your rug in place with the front feet of your couch and chairs is a great way to tie your conversation area together in a cohesive way.  A great rule of thumb for placing your new area rug is to think of it as the glue that holds all the elements of your design together. Place your rug so that it touches at least the front legs of your furniture, or all the legs, if it’s big enough.

As you consider your rug placement, keep comfort in mind. You not only want to enjoy the beauty of the rug with your eyes, but with your feet, too. Make sure to place your rug where you can maximize the enjoyment as you step out of bed in the morning or as you curl up on the sofa at night.


With a higher price comes a number of high-end features. In addition to head to toe massage using a variety of techniques (kneading, tapping, rolling, shiatsu), this chair uses technology to make the massage customized for your body. There is also a heat option and a full stages of zero gravity. The SH-Chiro feature helps target and relax your spine while a unique yoga stretching program will provide full body stretching.

Adding to the value of this chair is the white glove delivery service that fully installs your chair where you want it.

Chair Mats

Purchase of certain massage chair usually depends on how much money people are you willing to spend.

There are different budgets and that is why there are also massage chairs in different price ranges.

When you are decided that you would like to purchase a massage chair I recommend the first thing that you do is set the budget.

Once you know how much you want to spend the decision will be much easier.

If you are not limited with lower budget there are best massage chairs with a lot of great features and you can find them above in the review space.

The price is usually determined by next things: specifications, features, quality of the material, size etc.

Choose the brand

There are a lot of different manufacturers on the market and you will probably get lost at all that assortment.

Buying a massage chair is much easier in the 21st century because you can simply do it online if you don’t have time to check all the stores.

A very important thing is also to read the reviews about the products because that way you will be able to see the true opinion on the product.

What Features are Important to You

There are chairs with basic features and chairs with a lot of different features available and that is something you should decide about too.

If you are looking for a chair with a lot of different features that might infect your budget too because those chairs are usually the most expensive ones.

But if you want to save up some money you can still get a chair which doesn’t have so much features.

Here are some different features which are available: zero gravity zone, air massage, foot rollers, chromo therapy, heating option, music system, 3D rollers, quad rollers etc.

Upholstery Material of Recliner

The material of the chair is also very important and because purchasing a message chair is a huge investment it is important that you choose a chair made out of durable and high quality material.

The best materials for massage chairs are leather, synthetic leather and faux suede. Every material has his bad and his good sides and that is why we should read the information about the material.

The leather chairs are much more wear resistant but they also need much more maintenance and they also cannot be used with heating systems.

The synthetic leather or maybe PVC are softer and also wear resistant as leather but unlike leather those materials are easier to clean.


When considering materials we have found the nap mats composed of 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend provide the greatest warmth and comfort. Our favorite is the Wildkin Nap Mat which our daughter used for years. It is comfortable, durable and comes in a large variety of prints.

Machine Washable

Every all-in-one nap mat listed in the chart is machine washable. Keep in mind that if the pillow is not removable you may be looking at a longer dryer time than for the removable options. If you are using a vinyl nap mat they are designed to be wiped down after use.

Be sure to check with your daycare or preschool prior to purchasing your child’s nap mat. Requirements vary greatly by school. Some may require that the nap mat is able to roll up so that it can fit into a cubby, while other schools may require the nap mat to be at least 2″ thick. If your child’s school requires a vinyl nap mat we have suggestions about those below as well.


It is interesting to note that the thickness of nap mats range from 1/3″ to 1/2″, the later providing superior comfort for your child. Hands down the Ozark Mountain Kids nap mat is the thickest at 1/2″,  made of a cotton/poly blend and also one of the largest in overall size.


When considering materials we have found the nap mats composed of 100% cotton or a cotton/polyester blend provide the greatest warmth and comfort. Our favorite is the Wildkin Nap Mat which our daughter used for years. It is comfortable, durable and comes in a large variety of prints.

Some nap mats made of 100% polyester tend to be thin, not as warm and even a bit noisy when the child tosses or turns.  Also it seems that many nap mats that are 100% polyester are treated with flame retardant chemicals which can leach into your child’s skin.  Another newer option is a memory foam style mat.  Foams like vinyl are known to off-gas. If you are looking at a memory foam nap mat for your child we recommend My First Mattress which has been 3rd party tested by CertiPUR-US which tests products for off-gassing to make sure they fall into an acceptable range.

Another consideration is the overall size of the nap mat since your child may use the nap mat for several years, from daycare and preschool to stays at grandparents house and short overnight trips. Janiebee nap mats are the largest at 53″ long and 21″ wide, and they are 2″ thick.  I cannot say enough about Janiebee nap mats, they are crazy cute, personalizable, handmade in the USA, and Rene the owner of Janiebee is an absolute gem.

Machine Washable

Every all-in-one nap mat listed in the chart is machine washable. Keep in mind that if the pillow is not removable you may be looking at a longer dryer time than for the removable options. If you are using a vinyl nap mat they are designed to be wiped down after use.

Vinyl Nap Mats

In addition to a vinyl nap mat like Angeles Rest, you can purchase a nap mat cover that can be slipped over the mat and provide additional comfort.  Also these types of covers stay in place as they are slipped onto the vinyl mat.

The blanket and pillow are very thick

A perk of this nap mat over many other similarly priced mats is the heavy blanket.  The blanket is much heavier than Mint or Ozark Mountain Kids nap mats, and just a little heavier than Stephen Joseph.  The pillow is also well stuffed, and removable from the back.

This entry was posted in Nap mat reviews on October 6, 201by bling.

The nap mat pad is removable

The bottom of the nap mat is normally closed off with Velcro.  Pull it apart and the main nap mat pad (which runs from the bottom to the pillow) will slide out.

The main nap mat pad is made of organic wool with an unbleached organic cotton liner.

Nap mat with all the removable liners pulled out

This liner give the blanket a nice weight.  Generally children sleep better with more blanket weight.

With all the inserts removed (along with the carry wrapper) and placed on top of the nap mat, you can see the inner construction and thicknesses.

All of the parts are machine wash and dry, but we do ask that the washer be set to the gentle cycle, and the drier be set to low heat.

With the all-organic wool and cotton construction and removable liners, you can see why this nap mat justifies the price.  Even if your child does not have allergies or asthma sensitivities, the non-toxic construction and benefits of wool bedding might make this a good choice for your child.  And if your child is sensitive, the price of this nap mat is very small compared to medication or visits to the ER.

Roll the nap mat up and pack it home!

Eventually it is time to take the nap mat two or from school.  The canvas wrapper closes on itself with Velcro, and then has a carry strap.

Wool is a dense material, so this nap mat has a nice solid feel and weights three pounds.  – the original sized all in one thick nap mats – and one of our many nap mat reviews. We started carrying them in 201but this American made brand has been manufacturing products in the USA for the last 2years.  And their nap mats represent fantastic American-made ingenuity.  I think these are the biggest bang for you buck in nap mats, as this guide will show.

How can you create a safe learning environment for small children? Our play mats and flooring crafted specially for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners are a great place to start. These colorful and durable playroom accessories are constructed of 2” furniture-density foam that supports resting tots at nap time. At 12.lbs. each, play mats and flooring for daycare centers are lightweight alternatives to conventional sleeping cots. Crafted in bright primary colors, these soft foam early learning center accessories brighten any play area or classroom. Our child size play mats and flooring collection is thoughtfully designed with the child in mind. Each fixture has a clear label for their name so germs are less likely to be transferred the way they usually are when equipment is shared. Children learn to take responsibility for their things when their names are on them! Teachers can ask their students to get their rest mats at nap time, and put them away afterward, which inspires cooperation. Free of toxins, this padding puts safety first. Make nap time fun by giving kids their own cushioned bed to sleep on that they can be responsible for.

In addition to foam sleeping cots designed to be used on the floor, how else can you create kid-safe school and daycare environment? Our interlocking mats and flooring come in a wide array of styles and finishes. Teachers will appreciate the anti-fatigue foam construction designed to reduce stress on legs that stand all day. This floor padding comes in a wide array of beautiful finishes, including faux wood grain finishes, as well as checkerboard red and black, or in solid gray, red, black, or blue. This flooring is lightweight and portable. Each 2’x2’ tile is easy to carry and put together. Got a dreary space to work with? Cover it up using interlocking tiles made of EVA foam.

A hundred percent toxin- and odor-free, this kid-safe flooring for learning and play keeps kids healthy while supporting their activities. The tiles fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, and they are fun to put together. Buy one set to decorate a 10’x10’ space, or buy a bunch for larger spaces like student gyms — you’ll save when you order in bulk. This comfortable flooring is water, oil, and stain-resistant so children can work on their art projects, eat lunch, and enjoy myriad other activities without worrying about wear and tear. Our interlocking mats and flooring are easy on the environment, too — constructed from recycled material blended with polymer binding agents.

Shop our larger line of daycare wares in cheerful kid-friendly colors and durable materials at Displays2go. When it comes to children, products that keep them safe and comfortable while they are learning and playing in your classroom are key! Order supplies in bulk to save, and enjoy fast shipping on most in-stock items.

Sewing Machine and standard presser foot

If you decide to use a directional print as we did, be careful to fussy cut so the design is straight to the cut edge.

Create the straps and handle

Find the two 27″ lengths of webbing. Center one webbing strap 4½” to either side of the center point.

Find your 16″ handle webbing piece. Insert each end of the handle under each strap at a 90˚ angle 5″ from the raw edge. The handle should insert under the strap almost all the way; leave it just short of the opposite edge of the strap to conceal the raw edges. The handle should bow in the middle. Pin the straps and handle securely.

Topstitch the strap in place.  NOTE: We moved the needle to its extreme left position in order to stitch super close to the edge.

Create the main nap pad

On the 21″ x 51″ flannel piece that will be the inside of your project, mark vertical quilting lines a shown, starting 8½” from the bottom, continuing at 8″ apart for an additional vertical lines, leaving a 10½” section at the top – which will become the pillow.

Layer the outside piece right side down onto the front, but first pin the straps up and out of the way. In the photo below, we’ve folded back the outside piece so you can see how everything was folded and pinned out of the way between the layers.

We want you to shop with confidence at Pillow Talk, knowing that you can return your purchase if you change your mind.

Every effort is made to insure accuracy of images however due to differences in screen resolution, colours of products may vary in person.

WHAT No need to fret if you’re nervous about bathing your newborn. Try this bathtub seat that folds into a blooming flower and can be used in a bath tub or in the sink. Soft and comfortable for bubba, it’s machine washable and easy to dry. Best for newborns to 6-month-old babies, it’s available in five colours.

Agape Babies

WHAT Dread eating out or visiting a friend’s place because you aren’t sure if there’s a high chair, so that you can feed your baby? The Totseat is the ideal solution as it converts almost all dining chairs of all shapes and sizes into a safe haven for your baby. It’s machine washable and comes with a tiny travel pouch. Suitable for babies from around months to 30 months.

WHAT Are you that parent who needs everything to be sanitised before it can come into contact with your sweetie’s delicate skin? Well, you’ll love this portable seat cover you can fit on shopping carts and highchairs, which prevents your baby from touching germy surfaces. Good for babies months and above, who can sit up on their own, it’s easy to use and machine washable.

Pupsik Studio

WHAT If you’re in the process of weaning your baby, you’ll know that introducing solid food is a pretty messy affair. This OXO Tot bib is a fantastic solution ― since any food that doesn’t find its way into bubba’s mouth will fall into a wide and soft food-safe silicone pocket. This encourages your little one bubba to hone his fine motor skills and feed himself. Plus, it sure reduces the mess you might need to clean up. Available in five cheery colours.

PARENTS SAY This bib has an adjustable neck closure that is very comfortable on your baby. Since it’s BPA, PVC and phthalate free, the material is safe and non-toxic. You can even pop this easy-to-clean overall into your washing machine. Since you can roll up the bib, you can simply toss it into your diaper bag.


WHAT Babies aren’t easy to handle in the tub because they’re squirmy, wriggly and most of all, slippery! If you’re a bundle of nerves handling your baby in the bath tub, this towel will boost your confidence! Fasten it around your neck like an apron, then pick your baby up from the bath with two free hands. It comes with a hood, so you can cover your baby’s head to prevent him from catching a chill. Made of 100 per cent cotton, it’s gentle and absorbent on your baby’s skin.

Thick and luxurious

This towel is softer and plusher than our main pick, and it comes in more sumptuous colors than the Fieldcrest line.

The Frontgate Resort Cotton Towel definitely counts as a splurge, but in our testing, it consistently ranked very high for softness and comfort. Thicker than our main pick, it feels luxe and substantial, like a high-quality hotel towel. It’s made with long-staple cotton, and with each wash it felt fuller and plusher. Its fluffiness held up better than any of the other towels we tested. It comes in a very wide range of rich colors, with more choices than our other picks. It’s also available in a bath sheet size and coordinates with a range of matching accessories. If a plush, luxurious towel is what you want, this is a great one; however, it’s almost three times the price of our main pick, so we think most people will be happy paying less for the Fieldcrest.

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Set the mood for peaceful sleep with this all-in-one humidifier and night light. Not only does it help to purify the air, it also has a misting option that releases fragrance, as well as a mood light for the perfect ambient setting.

Gather your materials!

I was a little worried about using a knit for this but it ended up being sewing perfection! You can also use corduroy etc.

With your blanket fleece vertical, round the top right and bottom right corners.

Sew all the way around the bias taped sides of blanket, just to the outside of the outer crease.

Now we are going to add a shoulder strap.

1Finish the raw ends of your webbing by stitching a tight zig-zag along each end of the strap with one side of the stitch hitting over the edge of the fabric. Or an overlock stitch.

20. Through all layers, sew a square with an x in the middle, a typical reinforced strap stitch (is there a technical term for this?) Add a few backward stitches at the beginning and end to secure.

2Starting on the front of the mat, begin pinning the bias tape just before the top left corner. The opening right below the start of the bias tape will be where you insert the pillow later.

You want to add a little tuck like this at the beginning.

2For the corners, just turn the bias tape, leaving a rounded corner, you will trim the excess fabric later.

2Just after you turn the bottom left corner, you want to add your blanket. Align the left (unfinished) edge of your blanket with the left side of your mat. The top of the blanket should hit just under the pillow pocket and the bottom edge of the blanket should be at least a few inches above the bottom edge of the mat. The blanket will be much wider than the mat.

2Continue pinning the bias tape until you hit opening for the the pillow. Insert pillow.

2Start sewing the bias tape. Keep checking that you have all of your layers aligned and that you are sewing through them all. You want to sew just outside the outer fold of the bias tape. Sew all the way around edge.

2Trim any edges even with the outer edge of the bias tape.

Like this.

2Now wrap the bias tape around the edge of your mat. You can pin if you like but I found it easier not to pin so that I could keep checking that all layers were being sewn in.

30. Ideally you want to keep your bias tape flat and stitch through all layers but you might have to be flexible here and let the folds open a little to accommodate the girth of the edge. It is MORE important that all layers get securely sewn into the bias tape then keeping the bias tape flat.

You are seriously almost done! Your mat will look something like this rolled up. We just need to add Velcro closures.

3Roll mat and position other side of Velcro (scratchy hooks) on mat and pin.

3Sew straps to mat using the same formation as the shoulder strap. For the other side, I hand-sewed them to the mat, going through only the top layer, using many small tight stitches.

Now that you know how to make a DIY Nap Mat, check out some of our other sewing tutorials or toy tutorials. Learn How to Make a Crayon Roll or a Crayon Apron or make a DIY nap mat for a doll.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the nap mats by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your nap mats wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of nap mats



Questions? Leave a comment below!

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